Digital Lending Across Borders: How To Verify That You Are Working With A Real Lender


Some of the scariest cybercrimes start with an email that claims it is from a digital lending company. People who open this email and decide to apply for the "easy-to-get loans" may fall prey to some ruthless schemes. At best, they just gave all of their personal and financial information to some unknown, and that is where it ends. At worst, their identities are stolen, their bank accounts emptied, and their credit ruined.

9 July 2018

The Beginner's Guide To Leasing Heavy Equipment


If you're a small start-up company in need of heavy equipment, the money you need to buy bulldozers and backhoes may simply not be available. Over-extending yourself in your first year or two of operation can put you at risk of bankruptcy before you've even had a chance to stretch your corporate legs. But if you've done research prior to hanging out your shingle, you're aware of the many benefits that leasing equipment has over owning it.

27 July 2015